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The luxury resort “Poshanu” is built on a huge slab of stone adjacent to the most beautiful spot of Mui Ne beach. With a vision of “bringing Cham culture to the sea”, the resort was designed as a modern Cham village consisting of 26 luxury rooms of Cham styles. The room interiors are equipped with modern standard of 4-star hotels. Its open design architecture gives visitors an ultimate sense of closeness to nature. Our guests will enjoy extensive space, ocean view and relaxation.

Other cluster design reflects the Vietnamese antique style while contrasts with bold Cham cultural emphasis. This tells of a harmonious story of coexisting cultures on this land. The moss roofs nestle among the green trees and grass with the blooming flowers below Cham water tower echoing the myth of princess Poshanu. The stone paths winding through the resort take our guests away into a Cham countryside feel. Here and there dragon fruits are ripen on trees. The rice grows in the field where the sparrows play and search for food. Passerby could find sugar cane plants and tomato vines in sight. In the distance is a water well accompanied by the banana tree. Reaching beyond the palm tree is an old rice mill worn with age. All was created together to elevate the resort to the most relaxed, liberated and peaceful vacation experience.

At Poshanu Resort we proudly follow the motto: “Always be hospitable and treat our guests as visiting relatives.” We strive to make sustainable development with social improvement for our community. We are a leader in environmental protection and continuously cultivating resort culture with staff training.

Your choice of Poshanu Resort as a rest and relax destination is a proof of our success. Serving and hosting our guests is the highest reward that our team desire.

Tran Viet Ha

General Manager

Address: Quarter 5, Phu Hai Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam Tel: (84 252) 381 2233/Fax: (84 252) 381 2244 / Email: info@poshanuresort.com or reservation@poshanuresort.com